Long range wifi solution

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The wireless network has become an essential solution for a multiple connection. But traditional Wifi has its limit: its range. Not only can it not extend the Internet network outside a building, but inside the building itself, the further away you are from the router, the weaker the connection becomes.
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Long range wifi : how does it work ?

For a large company or for an establishment that wishes to make the connection accessible outside, the long range Wifi solution is essential. With a long range Wifi antenna, it is finally possible to reach several hundred metres, or even more depending on the installation you wish to develop. This distance will of course depend on the number and nature of the obstacles and the power in GHz of your antenna.

Ideal for companies or communities, the long range Wifi provides high quality connection. Repeater, power amplifier, use the best equipment to offer an internet network to the largest number of people while maintaining a decent connection speed.

Ultra-secure wifi

We at OTO Technology build a stable and, above all, secure network for you. Because this is one of the main concerns of users. Data security is a major issue and we guarantee you a reliable and efficient implementation in the long run.

If the long-range Wifi USB key is not sufficient to meet your needs, go for a more advanced technology with a directional antenna and a Wifi bridge.


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Advantages of a long range wifi solution

With a long range Wifi antenna, it is possible to offer an internet signal over a long distance to suit any environment.
On land or at sea, the long range Wifi solution is the answer to all your needs. Thanks to an omnidirectional antenna, you can pick up signals within a 360° radius.
Wifi bridge kit, antenna, there are a number of different products more or less powerful and able to adapt to all your requirements. We calculate for you the power in dBi necessary for an optimised connection.
Want to give your visitors a better experience with an efficient wireless internet connection? Install ifi antennas and bridges to provide a better wWifi signal, regardless of the distance.
Optimise the power of your Wifi card with a network adapted to your needs. Wifi repeater or amplifier, entrust us with your installation in order to improve your connectivity and to make the work of your employees more comfortable.

Benefits of a long range wifi solution

Entrust your long-distance Wifi installation to OTO Technology, and you will be sure to get a tailor-made solution.
  1. Analysis of your specific needs
  2. Consideration of your constraints
  3. Optimal long range Wifi signal
  4. Best value for money / high quality connection tools

Our technologies

Our long range wifi solution technologies
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