OTO Technology: A full-service agency.

Our versatile, high-performing team brings you a wide-ranging mix of complementary expertise.

Outsourced IS management, managed IT services, security audits... :  We secure and optimise our IT customers’ IT systems.
Websites, app, digital marketing strategies, branding... : We capture and communicate our Digital customers’ unique features.

We provide solutions for all types of enterprises, across all sectors of activity. 
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Our underlying philosophy
Making round pegs fit in square holes
Oto Technology


An IT & Digital Marketing agency offering a combination of technology and creative services.

With our multiple skill sets and complementary fields of expertise, we possess what even the most powerful algorithms can’t provide, i.e., human capital.

We don’t simply deliver services, we overcome challenges. 

Each project is unique, as is each OTO Technology solution.

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OTO Digital


Because an effective digital presence requires in-depth analyses, OTO Technology provides the relevant expertise. 

We master the tools required to grow, develop and optimise your visibility, audience, reputation, business or turnover. 

For each project, a specific strategy and a dedicated team.


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Because effective and secure information systems are crucial to our customers’ operations, OTO Technology designs and manages them.

Monitoring, security, maintenance, tracking… our team is on hand 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. 

For each requirement, a specific team and a tailored solution.


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Expertise cannot be achieved without sharing experiences.

We explain the methods we employ and work closely with our customers at every stage of their project. Which is why our teams are trained on an ongoing basis. 

As part of our on-boarding process, all new hires are trained in our methods and know-how to ensure that our customers always receive the same high level of service.

oto academy : groupe d'apprentissage autour d'une table de bureau


Acquisition of soft skills & methodology

Public speaking, improving creativity and reasoning, learning new working methods (SONCA, RACI, etc.): These personal and professional development skills are transferred directly to team members by our managers.


Technical skills

We believe that it is important for us to constantly challenge and develop our teams, especially when it comes to onboarding new tools and technologies, and obtaining certifications.

To ensure that we always provide our customers with the most suitable and relevant solutions, our employees are trained by specialists in their field.


Salon VivaTechnology
22th & 23th May

We will be present at Viva Technology

This year, we will be back at Viva Technology, the must-attend event for technology and innovation enthusiasts in Europe.
The key themes this year are: artificial intelligence, environmental sustainability, renewable energy, and new uses.
We will seize this unique opportunity to discover cutting-edge technologies, meet innovative startups from France and around the world, and share inspiring ideas that have the potential to transform our society, while always bringing innovative and tailored solutions to our clients.

Everyone knew it was impossible to do. Then one day someone came along who didn't know that, and he did it !

Mark Twain