[Resolved] MacOs Teams does not answer and does not open

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Collaborative platforms are widely used by companies today to improve their communication, such as the Teams application. In October 2020, users upgraded their Mac to Macos Catalina and experienced problems with the Microsoft Teams application that no longer responded. Why is my Teams not working on Mac ?

Here are the 2 cases they may have encountered:

  • Slow launch of the Teams application: which was running after 10/15 minutes,
  • Teams is not opening on macbook : the application did not respond and an error message is displayed “A JavaScript error occured in the main process”.

An access error that despite re-installations, the problem could persist. Microsoft Teams support provides procedures to solve this problem on the Mac because each original system before the Catalina update was different. At OTO Technology we went further and studied the problem to come up with a simple and effective solution.

Solution :

Before starting the procedure, it is advisable or even mandatory to make a full backup of your Mac and for this you can use the “Time Machine” utility.

Discover in 5 steps how to solve the problem of Teams that no longer respond on MacOs Catalina :


Step 1: Removing the Teams application

In order to make a safe installation procedure of Teams and to eliminate all traces of errors, the application must be removed beforehand. Once your data is saved, go to the Applications folder and drag it to the Microsoft Teams Recycle Bin :

  • Go to your Mac’s library,
  • Click on “Application Support”,
  • Click on Microsoft,
  • Then drag the “Teams” folder into your recycle garbage can.


Optional Step 1.1: Upgrade from MacOs to Big Sur

If you wish, you can upgrade from Catalina to MacOs Big Sur (the new Mac system) from the Mac App Store without forgetting to back up your data before doing so.


Step 2: Removing the Teams access keychain

By default, the passwords of your applications installed on your Mac are saved in your access keychain. Removing the Teams access keychain from your computer is important because if you do not do so it may block the reinstallation process and not solve the initial problem.

In order to do so :

  • Go to your access keychain on your Mac,
  • Type “Teams” in the search bar,
  • Delete the corresponding line.


Step 3: Download and install Teams. Then restart

Go to “Safari” to download the latest version of Teams for Mac from the Microsoft site.

Proceed to a restart of your Mac to limit slowdowns of your device and make a memory cleanup (P-Ram) – explanation of a P-Ram:

1 – Restart your Mac,

2 – Turn your Mac back on by holding down the “CMD + ALR + P + R” keys so that you can empty the recent memory of your computer, this will not affect or erase your data, but will remove unnecessary and superfluous settings that may interfere with the responsiveness of your computer.

WARNING: to properly restart your Mac, you must wait for it to emit twice the sound (Shyme) that you hear when you turn on your Mac and then you can release the keys.


Step 4: Authorization and accessibility settings

Once your computer has been restarted and the Teams application downloaded, it is now necessary to give access to all the elements and functions that the application needs for a good use of it (microphone, camera, etc).

To set up the application settings :

  • Go to “Security and Privacy”,
  • Click on “Confidentiality” and unlock the padlock at the bottom left,
  • Click on ” accessibility ” then click on the ” + ” and add Teams in the list. Perform the same manipulation in the following “Confidentiality” categories:
    • “Full disk access”
    • ” Camera”
    • “Save screen”
    • “Microphone”


Final Step: Launch Microsoft Teams

You can now launch and use Teams! If the application does not run, then an upgrade to Mac OS Big sur is strongly recommended. By performing step 1 beforehand – Don’t forget to do your Time Machine backup.


To arrive at this approach, we have mobilized our experts and skills in an in-depth research of the problem. You now have all the keys to solving the problem. If the problem persists, contact us!