Innovative Technologies


OTO Technology organized a SAIO (Smart and Innovative Office) evening in September 2019. On this occasion, we invited our partners and customers to our premises to present our innovations. The first edition of the SAIO was attended by almost 200 people.

But why such an evening?  For many years now, OTO Technology has chosen to constantly offer innovations that meet specific needs and improve the daily life of businesses.

SAIO: presentation of innovative solutions by OTO Technology

Management, optimization, dynamization, we are convinced that technology is infinitely adaptable to offer solutions that can respond to all use cases.  We modify, improve and customize existing solutions.  When they do not exist, we invent them.  The OTO Technology innovation team has participated in numerous events in the sectors of new technologies, web, IT, IOT, robotics, etc.  It was time for us to present to our customers and partners all the solutions that are set to revolutionize their daily life.

Customized solutions dedicated to your company

There is inevitably the right solution for you: saving time, improving the management of schedules, meetings, interactions between the various players in your company and your partners, optimizing your energy consumption to make savings, but also doing your part for the environment.  The SAIO is therefore a key moment for us, that enables us to show we have the solution to your specific needs.


OTO Technology offers innovative and tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs.

#1 – Customized services to revolutionize the daily life of your business
#2 – Continuous search for partners to develop ever more innovative tools
#3 – Move today into the connected office of tomorrow.

Very "Smart" solutions with OTO Technology

Using our innovations to present solutions in various fields:


Smart Office solutions are revolutionizing the daily life of your business.  From the connected paperboard to intelligent appointment scheduling, including Click and Share, meeting room management and Li-Fi, we have developed intelligent solutions for you to optimize your time and boost your exchanges.

All these tools allow you to save precious time that you can devote to your projects and ensure long-term major savings.


Making more intelligent buildings has now become a necessity.  We offer solutions such as long-range Wifi, which can reach several hundred meters.  In addition, in a large company or a community, the connection is more efficient and your network is both stable and secure.


Go for a 3.0 collaboration with Smart Display.  This time we offer innovative technologies to better distribute information, especially with digital signage.  In a restaurant, a hospital, an administration or simply in a company, personalize your display and give a real kick in the anthill.

Take notes and make comments in real time with tactile projection to revolutionize your meetings.

Smart Energy

Saving energy is at the heart of all concerns.  Today, you have the power to reduce your expenses without losing comfort thanks to innovative solutions.

That’s where the IoT comes to your rescue and offers better energy management thanks to sensors and software that can analyze your consumption.  In addition, you comply with current environmental standards and gain credibility with your users.


The robot is not meant to replace you, it offers additional services thanks to artificial intelligence.  It has extremely vast applications and is extended to everyone.  The telepresence robot is aimed at both companies and nursing homes, in particular at providing a real human experience at a distance.

Thinking Smart Robotics also means thinking about data collection and thus optimizing your offer.  Reception, support service, events, application launch, OTO Technology will help you discover the full potential of the new generation robot.