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Designing cutting-edge solutions

Innovation is a trendy word. However, it’s often overused. Countless digital technology service providers have offered to design cutting-edge solutions for you, but how many have truly met your needs and offered you a tailor-made solution that had never been seen before?

Cutting-edge solutions to optimize your uses

Nowadays, customers have high expectations. They don’t want prefabricated solutions for their projects and products. They don’t want to follow trends, they want to start them. They need hardware and software solutions which meet the use they have of them, not that of their competitors.

Any specific needs ? We design appropriate innovation

OTO Technology offers to design truly innovative solutions for you. We answer specific needs and uses. It’s custom fit. To do so, we have two methods. The first one consists in rejuvenating already existing solutions especially for you. We distort their uses to meet other needs. For the second one, we develop a technology from scratch that may completely alter your performances.

Our solutions are appropriate more than innovative. You benefit from a unique technology that could not entirely match another company’s needs.

To achieve our mission, we carry out a preliminary study of your needs and existing technical solutions. Then, we figure out how your products could be improved. The fuel of our project is the use you have of things. We cannot take action if we don’t have a perfect knowledge of your trade, and therefore, of your expectations.

A perfectly mastered technology at your service

With OTO Technology, you get a 360° view. To design relevant innovation, it’s necessary to master all of the technologies (hardware, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc.). There lies our strength and we put it at your service. We put technologies together, we run cutting-edge solution tests and provide you with a turnkey tool.

We address very diverse business sectors, we don’t limit ourselves. Though technology plays a key role here, we work with ergonomists to bring a human touch into our achievements. Why? Simply because in fine, our aim is to enhance user experience. Whether it involves improving your staff members’ tools or inviting your customers to buy your products, the human factor is a core component of what we do.

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Contact us for more information
+33 (0) 1 84 79 97 36
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Advantages of designing cutting-edge solutions

If OTO Technology designs cutting-edge solutions, that’s first and foremost to help you increase your effectiveness and gain market shares. We adapt to your uses in a personalized way.

Add value to your offer

The goods and services consumption market is saturated. Competition is fiercer and fiercer and the only way for you to play your cards well is to stand out. You offer the same solutions as your competitors? Bring them added value with innovation and improve the quality of your offer.

Optimize your work practices

Again with the aim to survive in a competitive environment, cost optimization is an absolute necessity. To do so, you have to optimize your tools and OTO Technology will transfigure your day-to-day life. Stop wasting your time with time-consuming tasks and focus on your core business to boost your communication and business activity.

Adapt to new situations

You need to understand that the use of a tool is not set in stone. Nowadays, it’s necessary to adapt constantly to lots of constraints – the Covid-19 crisis has substantiated that again and again. That’s why we stand with you to distort uses in order to meet new needs. Why not use a connected object initially designed to get information on the customers who visit your shops and turn it into a people counting system? We help you to always look further ahead with truly innovative techniques.


OTO Technology puts its expertise at your service. Whether you are in the healthcare, trade, insurance, or construction industries is of no matter. We know how to adapt to all businesses.

#1 – Assessing your needs to offer you a custom-fit solution
#2 – An enhanced user experience with relevant cutting-edge solutions
#3 – A team of experts who put their experience at the service of your success
#4 – A creative team that goes beyond the limits of the possible


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