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Secure Infrastructure

Security is a major concern for businesses. Hiring a service provider to set up a secure infrastructure is a must and involves different issues.

Secure data transfer within your organization

Within a physical structure, it’s essential to have all computers communicate with one another to improve company management and teamwork, which is why we have to administer a network and, above all, make sure that all of your data remain within your organization. With the rise of big data, larger and larger amounts of data are being transferred, so it’s our job to offer you appropriate solutions, including the implementation of a VPN which allows direct connection between the different components of your IT equipment stock. We must ensure interconnection security and provide our customers with training on protected network good practices.

Secure your remote communications

We also offer to administer your remote infrastructures. Because you have entities all over the world and you need to have secure communications with customers or you have to adapt to part of your staff mobility, SSL VPN is the solution. This time, connections are established through a software that secures your passwords and enables you to communicate remotely while mitigating security risks. For this time, your information system is at greater risk of being hacked or attacked by a virus. Data protection is a major concern for us, and we must both administer and secure your environment.

Câbles et circuits informatiques représentant une infrastructure sécurisée multisites

Advantages of a secure infrastructure

A secure infrastructure is critical for the durability of your company and the comfort of your staff. Entrust all this to an outsourced manager to administer and secure your customer data.

Enhanced comfort for your work environment

Increased security also means enhanced comfort. Your staff members can focus on their core business without dreading data loss. Your customer data are managed with total peace of mind.

Common architecture on different sites

Whether your team members are in Paris or anywhere in France or in the world, we can offer you a solution for your network systems. On site VPN or SSL VPN, we’ll find the best solution for you.

Protect your system against attacks

Not everyone has the skills to protect themselves against attacks, no matter how well you are trained. Optimizing and securing an infrastructure requires experience and an ability to adapt to any environment, that’s what OTO Technology offers you.

IT audit

A secure infrastructure manager has first and foremost to be able to provide an IT audit for you. It’s crucial to make an assessment prior to its implementation since the solutions must be adapted to your environment. We evaluate all of the needs of our customers in order to offer them personalized management services.


OTO Technology provides you with a comprehensive solution to ensure the durability of your business activity.

#1 – Get a comprehensive support, from the audit to the maintenance of your IT equipment stock
#2 – A secure infrastructure that fits all businesses
#3 – Secure your business activity to mitigate risks of interruption
#4 – Optimize costs and enhance your business brand image


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