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As a managed IT services provider, OTO Technology offers you to outsource the management, optimization, and securing of your information system.
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A single service provider for you management it 

We have opted to design a comprehensive offer so you can take advantage of a single service provider. Our efforts to meet SMB’s expectations in terms of comfort and security aim to help them save precious time so they can use it to expand their businesses.

Our comprehensive services include the management of your IT equipment stock and your daily IT problems. From software to printers, viruses, networks, and telephony, we make sure that all of your tools are functional, and we step in as soon as possible to prevent any business interruption that would be financially harmful.

A helpdesk at your service

We take care of the monitoring of your IT equipment stock, the security of your networks, and the maintenance of your hosting servers and backups. Your managed services provider puts a helpdesk at your service which offers technical support of two kinds according to your company needs:

  • recurring monthly or weekly support, the allotted time being determined beforehand
  • ad-hoc support with a support ticket. In that event, we guarantee that your ticket will be taken care of within the hour and solved as soon as possible, depending on what your problem is.

To meet your needs, we offer you two solutions:

  • on site support
  • remote support which implies to take control of your system


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Outsourcing your information system operation is an important decision which should add value to the daily management of your business. Learn more about the advantages of our managed IT services offer.
Our managed IT services company and helpdesk boasts a 98 % daily support management rate, and all tickets are handled within the hour for a quicker and more efficient response.
Your managed IT services provider offers you round-the-clock services. Our office hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, but we have set up an on-call duty system which enables you to have someone to talk to any time in the event of a problem arising in your SMB IT system, or in your servers, etc.
At OTO Technology, standard offers have never convinced us. Your company is unique, that’s why we offer data, server, and IT equipment stock management which are adapted to your profile and specific needs. We study your request for service with you and come up with a personalized solution.
Poor IT system management may have disastrous consequences. Bad server maintenance, viruses, ill-performed data backups, anything can lead to a forced business interruption. Can you afford it? Nothing is less certain. Thanks to our managed IT services and helpdesk, there’s someone available for you any time who is capable of dealing with and solving your problem as soon as possible.
In some situations, managed IT services may have to access your customer data. Yet, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires the implementation of specific solutions so managed IT services providers don’t have access to sensitive data. Within the framework of remote access to your IT system, we use tools such as ConnectWise which enable us to adapt to any business sector, even the most sensitive ones (banking, healthcare, etc.) With that solution, we never have access to personal data like user passwords.

Benefits of a managed IT services provider

Entrust your managed IT services with OTO Technology experts !
  1. A team that adapts to your level of knowledge for a perfectly transparent solution
  2. Tried-and-tested solutions to ensure that your IS is fully secured
  3. Tailor-made managed IT services and a contract that meets your needs

Our technologies

Our managed IT services technologies
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