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IT Stock Management

Optimize your IT stock and mitigate the risks of business interruption by outsourcing the management of your IT tool.

IT Tool Management – Much Too Often Left Behind

Managing your IT tool can be too heavy a weight to bear because it’s time-consuming.  Lots of businesses which do not wish to deal with this aspect of their activity tend to have an outdated network and pricey equipment which is in fact hardly of any use to them.  Because of that, risk prevention is not optimal, and your business activity can be compromised.

Get a 360° Management of your IT Tool

OTO Technology offers you to take care of all the aspects of your IT tool.  We manage your software, hardware, as well as resources.

From computers to telephones, printers, licenses, data servers, we take charge of all your IT equipment so as you can focus on your core business while knowing for sure that you will have the best equipment at hand.

From setting up to maintenance, we manage all your physical and/or cloud-based infrastructures.

A 3-Stage Service

IT stock management process is carried out in several stages:

#1 – Equipment Stock Audit/Maintenance: Hardware and software inventory, monitoring, RMA, optimization, failure risk prevention, and development recommendations

#2 – Procedure: Procedure review and adjustment on the management of support tickets, incident reports, arrivals and departures, and other types of interventions.

#3 – Helpdesk: Daily monitoring and management with onsite or remote IT support. We provide monitoring and support 24/7.

Advantages of IT Stock Management

By outsourcing the management of your IT tool to an IT service provider, you allow yourself more time to optimize your equipment. You benefit from the services of a professional partner which helps you focus on your core of business with peace of mind.

Versatile Solution for all Businesses

Creating an in-house IS management position is not necessarily cost-effectiveBy entrusting this task to an IT service provider, you save money and gain agility. In the event of any malfunction or failure, we step in as soon as possible to solve the problems encountered. 

Durable, High-Performance IT Tool

By outsourcing the management of your IT equipment, you benefit from the best tools and anticipate their renewal. Thanks to our audit, we will be able to get a better grip on the nature of your infrastructure and your real needs to match them. 

Limited Risk of Business Interruption

With optimized IT equipment and continuous IT monitoring, we substantially mitigate the risks of business interruption. By doing so, you limit the risks of financial loss and affecting your brand image with your partners and clients. 

Entirely Outsourced Management

By choosing to entrust OTO Technology with the management of your IT stock, you allow yourself more time to focus on your activity. Set yourself free from all constraints and entrust your IT stock to experts.  


Entrust the management of your IT stock to OTO Technology and revolutionize the administration of your tools: 

#1 – Anticipate IT equipment renewal
#2 – Take advantage of a tailor-made offer that matches the tools you use
#3 – Save time and money by outsourcing the management of your tools
#4 – Get an overview of your IT tool
#5 – Mitigate risks of business interruption