In-house or outsourced IT management

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Information System (IS) management is a major issue. Lack of time or control may have a negative impact on your business in different respects. While some opt for in-house IS management, others have made the choice to entrust the administration of their information system to OTO Technology.

Why outsource your IS management

Outsourcing IS management is suitable for organizations that are unable to create a dedicated position for that purpose. Let’s not forget that managing you company’s IT is not limited to checking if your IT equipment stock is running smoothly.

CIOs play a key role: they are not only in charge of the daily management but they also and above all make the right strategic choices to forecast technological change. Setting up continuous IT monitoring in an ever-changing world is a must, no matter what your business industry is.

Toward a centralized IS management

By opting for outsourced IS management and by entrusting OTO Technology with that task, you centralize the management of your information system and make it more efficient as well as more cost-effective, thus making sure to always be one step ahead.



Advantages of in-house / outsourced IS management

Secure your information system and focus on your business activity. By outsourcing your IS management, you will gain security thanks to a partner that is available 24/7 for you.
By opting for outsourced IS management, you delegate a major and yet time-consuming task so that you can focus on your business activity and your customer satisfaction.
Security must be a major concern within your company. Limit the risks of technical failures or virus attacks by relying on a trusted partner for your IS management.
IT is an ever-changing field which requires to always be one step ahead. Outsource your IS management and entrust your information system with experts who are capable of offering you a cutting-edge strategy.
To outsource is also to secure. Set up a disaster recovery plan and be prepared in the event of an IS-related problem. Mitigate the risks of a business interruption that would be financially detrimental.
Outsourcing your IS management is getting a round-the-clock service. Don’t dread discovering computer problems anymore when you arrive at the office in the morning. Everything is managed in real time to ensure the smooth running of your tools.
With OTO Technology, you benefit from 100 % custom fit services and thus from a solution that meets your needs but also and above all your budget. We develop a solution for you which takes all of your issues into account. Opting for in-house IS management requires heavy investments which you can get round by outsourcing.

Benefits of in-house / outsourced IT management

Outsourcing your IT management is not a decision to be made lightly. You must make sure that this service is left with an expert partner. Learn more about OTO Technology’s solution.
  1. Secure your IT to protect your business.
  2. 100 % tailor-made solution.
  3. Fully flexible to adapt to your budget constraints.
  4. A responsive team.
Our in-house / outsourced IT management technologies
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