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When you launch a digital marketing strategy, you must be visible everywhere, especially on social media. But being visible is not enough. You need to be proactive and hard-hitting. That is precisely what your social selling offers you.

Social selling: The key asset of your digital strategy

Today, the sale of products and services is totally revolutionized. With the advent of the Web, standards have changed, businesses have no other choice than adapt to them. Of course traditional commerce is still alive and sales and promotion actions can still be launched the “old-fashioned way”. But it is clear that the Web has become dominant.

2.0 sales representatives have to take specific actions. It is no longer only about selling but about appealing to consumers, anchoring your brand in their minds thanks to image branding, and inciting them to embrace it so that it becomes a landmark.

Social selling: A user-centric solution

Your social selling agency has first and foremost to be centered on users. What do they expect? What product will be useful to them? Your mission is to both meet and anticipate their expectations thanks to a 360° communication.

A tailored social strategy

B2B, B2C, social selling addresses everyone. It is up to us to determine what social media best suit your communication. Obviously, in B2C, Facebook or Instagram are a must to promote your brand. As for professionals, their social strategy will rely on more career-oriented social media such as LinkedIn.

Consumers increasingly tend to voice their needs on social media. Social sellers must be attentive in order to develop the right address, the one that will engage Web users. We develop the best-suited content (client case studies, white papers, guidebooks, promotional articles) to create a trusting environment, generate adherence, and, ultimately, boost your business sales.

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Advantages of a Social Selling Agency

When you hire a social selling agency, you entrust your communication and marketing strategy on social media to experts. Inbound marketing must be in control to gain efficiency. We provide you with the best recommendations for a content-based strategy adapted to your target and their demands.

Address the right people

Social sellers are experienced enough to address the right target. In order to engage and convert, you need to turn to influencers. Your social selling agency painstakingly works on how to address your message to those who will spread it in the best possible way so as to boost your exposure.

Showcase the right products

When you address a specific target, there is no room for error. On the Internet, consumers have high demands. Web users are fickle. It takes them just one click to turn to competitors. Social selling is a highly relevant weapon if you know how to use it.

In-Depth Optimized Sourcing

Forget about cold-calling which is both time-wasting and often inefficient when dealing with clients who are tired of being bothered. Here, you opt for an optimized strategy with qualified leads. Our mission is to persuade them that your product is the one they must have without them being aware of it.

Know your target better

To ensure the success of your social selling strategy you need to be attentive to your partners. Our social media agency is well-versed in social media monitoring to learn more about your target. How can you offer the right service or product to the right person without knowing them? That would defy belief.


Take advantage of OTO Technology’s expertise for successful social selling!

#1 – A relevant content adapted to your target
#2 – Add value to your brand image through customized actions
#3 – Cost optimization
#4 – A return on investment that will meet your expectations


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