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94% of search queries are performed on Google. 91% of the clicks are made on the first page. Do you still question the value of good referencing? OTO Technology, your organic referencing agency, combines all the solutions to rank you in a prominent position on Google. Gaining visibility on search engines is the key to increase your traffic and boost your business.

SEO: definition and goals

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a referencing strategy which consists in building your website optimization to meet Google robot guidelines. The aim of organic referencing is first to rank you in the first pages of search results, and eventually help you reach the first page. Implementing a referencing strategy should enable you to gain visibility and using Google Analytics allows you to measure your referencing performances. A good SEO takes the overall digital strategy into account, from website design to SEO audit and optimization levers (content enrichment, link building, etc.).

A 360° SEO with OTO Technology

Each component of your site must be optimized, from the content to the meta description, the headline, Hn tags, etc. But that’s not all. Google takes other factors into account such as loading speed, user experience (through bounce rate), etc. We talk about on-page or on-site optimization here. Off-page or off-site optimization is about giving your website credibility. Hence the need to set up a link building strategy which consists in placing links to your site or quality sites.

Entrust your SEO to an organic referencing expert agency.

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Advantages of an SEO agency

Always be one step ahead of your competitors. Add organic referencing to your marketing strategy to gain visibility on search engines and make your business durable.

Gain visibility

Being visible on the Web is a must. It’s not enough to have a beautiful site if you are ranked on the third page. Your organic referencing agency designs an SEO strategy that will position you on Google’s top search results.

Position your site in the long run

Organic referencing combines different methods to establish your positioning in the long run. This is an in-depth process which requires to go through your site structure, its editorial content, and a link building campaign.

Increase your credibility

Having a site on top of the search results is reassuring for your audience, all the more so when your business sector is connected with the Web industry (Web agency, designer, SEO manager, etc.). Appearing in Google’s top search results demonstrates your ability to set up a truly effective strategy.

Write quality content

Content is king in SEO. Quality content will first help you appear in a prominent position in search results. But always remember that quality content can be shared; it’s an optimal solution to market your products and services more broadly. To optimize your website, you must have unique, varied, quality content on different formats (guides, blog, etc.) if possible.

Generate qualified leads

Generating traffic is one thing, but attracting qualified visitors is another. A good referencing strategy should enable you to draw users who are truly interested in your products and services and expand your business, but it should also help you limit the bounce rate which is detrimental to SEO. Your organic referencing agency defines a strategy that is meant to answer your target audience’s questions.


OTO Technology has a perfect knowledge of SEO codes and offers you a comprehensive solution to help you rank your website higher.  

#1 – All of your website’s technical settings are taken into account
#2 – Designing rich, optimized content
#3 – On-site and off-site actions
#4 – Use of high-performance analytics tools
#5 – Major traffic increase in the medium term   



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