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Community management is a real profession. Everyone knows how to use social media for their personal use, but the process is quite different for businesses. A community management agency carries out a real communication strategy with your target. By going where Web users are and building up a powerful message, we develop a whole marketing strategy to boost your visibility, expand your community, and source new clients.

Social media: The indispensable communication channel

In 2018, 59% of Web users were on social media. In October 2018, Facebook had 26 million unique visitors a day, Instagram had 7.3 million, Twitter 3.5 million, and LinkedIn 2.2 million. This is no secret: to design a powerful digital strategy, you need to address prospects and clients, so you have to know how to find them. Hence the obvious use of social media marketing.

Customized, relevant community management

As a community management agency, OTO Technology, provides you with a comprehensive solution for your social media management. To do so, it is necessary to study your target and business activity. Each social medium requires a specific strategy. The goal is not necessarily to be everywhere but to choose the media that will effectively help you expand your community. Then, we determine what aspect of social media marketing best suits your organization. Will we focus more on the informative or visual content? Will the tone used be high-brow or off-the-wall? The implementation of a strategy must stem from an in-depth analysis of your environment.

Community managers play a crucial part. They are the ones who will spread your brand image. Don’t take the chance to assign your digital strategy to people who have little expertise in that matter. Entrust your project to us!

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By hiring a community management agency in Paris or anywhere else, you opt for expertise at the service of the development of your digital communication. You have everything to gain by being on the Web and on social media as long as your action is carried out by the book.


To grow your business, you need to build a real community of people around you. They must embrace your values for they are the ones who will become your best ambassadors on the Web.


By hiring a community manager, you get a grip on your communication. We set up a monitoring that will mitigate the spreading of negative information. Your e-reputation is the key to the success of your projects.


Your community management agency helps you connect with your target in a lighter and more accessible way. By doing so, your audience will identify to your brand and will be incited to take action more easily.


Social media are an environment where magic can happen. They offer high virality and allow you to boost your engagement rate. A good communication will generate “Likes” and shares and thus help your information spread quickly.


Nowadays, competition on the Web is fierce, which is why it is crucial to stand out. To do so, the first step to take is to gain visibility. Don’t do things the hard way. French Web users are on social media so this is the place where you should develop your digital strategy and make yourself known to the largest possible audience.


We have an expert knowledge of all social media codes, and we are capable of developing an effective strategy that will help you find your target and make it embrace your organization philosophy.

#1 – An SEM solution that meets your target’s expectations
#2 – Continuous monitoring to be more creative than ever
#3 – Study your target to pick the social media that best suit your business activity
#4 – Powerful messaging to generate adherence


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