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The advent of the web undermined the position of companies.  As they open to the world, they have to face ever increasing security problems.  Secure hosting is one of the fundamental principles to ensure the company’s sustainability. 

Hacking: a scourge for companies

Today, everyone entrusts their data, without really realizing it, to many companies. More and more people are using the cloud to store documents that are sometimes confidential. Hackers have at their disposal a wealth of information to steal that they can later resell at a better price.

Secure hosting and challenges

If your company has a website, secure hosting is a must for two reasons. On the one hand, this solution offers the possibility to protect yourself against attacks which could happen to you. A hacked site could weaken your business. On the other hand, when you store customer data, you are responsible for it. According to the RGPD, you assume responsibility for the integrity of the data and must ensure that it is protected.

A dedicated service adapted to your website

Our hosting solution also provides you with a disk space for which all security devices have been put in place. A dedicated server allows you to store your data and those of your customers, whether your website is custom developed or whether it is a CMS such as WordPress. Whatever the type of your website, the language used (Php, html, etc.) or the type of database (Mysql, etc.), our hosting solution is perfectly integrated with our outsourcing solution. Through security of the installations, regular updates on the antivirus software quality and security audit, we offer you a 360° support.

We are used to supporting all types of businesses, even those that store sensitive data. Whether you are a real estate company or you store personal health data, we are there for you to offer secure hosting.

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Offering a high-performance hosting service means you are accompanied by experts who want to protect your data and your website. It also means you benefit from a Cloud solution to store your data in a secure space so that you can access it from anywhere in the world.


Your website is a working tool, it is your window to the world, it is even sometimes the only source of income for online stores. Taking the slightest risk with this tool is out of the question. An attack on your database could simply put an end to your entrepreneurial adventure, and the risk is far too great.


Sleep easy thanks to our secure hosting offer. We ensure permanent monitoring to limit the risks of attack and carry out the necessary actions in case of alert. From software update, checking routers and firewalls, to vulnerability tests or monitoring logs, there is nothing we leave overlooked.


Offering the best secure hosting also means ensuring the backup of your customers’ data. Ensuring data security is a twofold issue: on the one hand, an attack and misuse of your customers’ data would cause you to lose credibility and have an impact on your business. On the other hand, if the security performance of your hosting is to be questioned, you may have to face legal action from your customers.


With OTO Technology, secure hosting is precisely what the name says.

#1 – Data storage on a dedicated server
#2 – High level of security to protect your data
#3 – Limitation of the risk of business interruption
#4 – Cost optimization


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