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To launch a successful digital strategy, it is critical to get to grips with all communication channels. Our mobile application agency offers you the possibility to better communicate with your target and improve their UX.

What application to choose?

In terms of applications, there are two solutions. The Web application is a mere adaptation of your website in responsive design which is meant to be read on all kinds of devices.

The native application is a fully independent solution that can be viewed offline. It is a specific development. It can be viewed on mobiles or tablets only. It is available on application download platforms (Google Play for Android, Apple Store for iPhones and Ipads, Windows Phone for Windows telephones).

A mobile application to improve user experience

The creation of a mobile application meets a real need. When you launch a business or digitize it, using an iOS or Android app allows you to optimize your communication and adjust to all of your target. Having a website is not enough to stand out and persuade users. You need to provide them with a real experience.

A turnkey mobile application with OTO Technology

Our mobile application agency staff is at your side by offering you a comprehensive app that will meet your clients’ demands. With its brand style guide, logo, and design, this solution must be intuitive and display your color codes for a consistent communication.

When you design an application, you must leave nothing to chance. Everything must be thought through ahead of time according to your target’s expectations and the information you wish to feature. Your application is not a website and needs to offer supplementary services which can juice up your clients’ daily grind.

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Mobile development is the key to a successful digital strategy. As competition gets fiercer, it is a must to be everywhere. Website, social media, apps – having a 360° communication is fundamental to meet all of your target’s demands.


With your application, you are listed on the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store. By doing soyougain visibilitywhich is a key step in becoming a major stakeholder in your industry. 


No need to browse the Web to find you anymore. Your icon is clearly displayed on your clients’ smartphones, so they can enter your world in a click. Being everywhere, at all times, here is one of the keys to success. 


A mobile application is a relevant solution to boost the UX of your clients and prospects. It is developed specifically to ensure better ergonomics and smoother browsing. It is also a way to offer new services and keep on addressing your target even when they are not connected through the native application. 


Push notifications are a true revolution in business communication. With an application, your team can send specific messages to each target or bulk messages to all. A marketing automation strategy allows you to improve your communication and interact with your target more efficiently. 


You are looking for the best partner for your mobile application? Go for OTO Technology!  

#1 – Define a strategy that is adapted to your target and constraints
#2 – Develop a fully customized solution
#3 – Gain massive visibility with an application that is compatible with Android, iOs, and Windows Phone 


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