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Link building is a component part of an SEO strategy. Today, it’s impossible to set up relevant organic referencing without building links. But mind you, all links are not equivalent. Only by hiring a link building agency will you be able to design a truly effective strategy to improve your search engine ranking.

Not your average link building solution!

Go for top-notch link building! Make no mistake, nowadays, Google sets the rules. It’s impossible to set up a successful SEO without this search engine. If your positioning strategy involves link building, remember that quality matters. By hiring a link building agency, you’ll make sure that no counterproductive solution will be carried out. To build backlinks and improve your organic referencing, you’ll need to meet quality criteria. But, concretely, what’s a quality link?

Hand-picked backlinks

Quality external links must come from reference websites for Google. Ideally, the content of these sites should be close yours and the links should be displayed in an optimized anchor text, right in the middle of a Web page, in the most natural possible way.

It’s easy to find links. It’s not to build quality links. This process is more often than not overlooked by businesses which usually regard it as time-consuming because they don’t have a dedicated department for that purpose, thus taking the risk to be excluded from Google’s top search results.

A crucial gain of visibility with link building

Nowadays, Google’s top three results generate 61 % of the clicks on average if they are relevant. And less than 10 % of Web users visit the second page. Are you ready to do without a high-performance link building strategy which is critical to your visibility? If you’re not, contact us!

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Advantages of a link building strategy

By calling for link building professionals, finding truly relevant links that will boost your referencing is guaranteed. Nowadays, it’s impossible to do without search engine services, let alone Google.

Improve your referencing

Implementing an SEO strategy involves setting up a series of solutions to appear on Google’s top search results. The slightest optimization will play its part. Even though it’s critical to ensure quality on-page criteria, you should also remember to focus on your website environment.

Gain visibility

By hiring a link building agency, you stack all the odds in your favor to optimize your SEO, and thus naturally gain visibility. That’s precisely what you need to make your business durable. What’s more, on top of the impact of inbound links on organic referencing, you’ll make yourself known to new targets if you are advertized on an authoritative website.

Boost your traffic in the long run

From SEO to SEA, SEM, and advertising, there are many ways to boost your traffic. There’s no doubt link building is one of the key solutions to consider. It’s a cost-effective solution because its effectiveness is visible in the long run. Once integrated in a site, the link remains there and Google takes it into account. Contrary to buying keywords through Google, the solution you opt for here is durable.


You wonder why you should entrust your link building with OTO Technology? Here are the answers!  

#1 – A solid experience in link building with its network of referencing specialists
#2 – Get quality backlinks related to your business activity
#3 – Get backlinks on high-performance sites to boost your site reputation
#4 – Increase your visibility on search engines to generate qualified traffic 


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