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OTO Technology email marketing agency offers to help you design high-performance email marketing campaigns thanks to its expert support.

An email marketing campaign focused on your target

Email marketing is a must-have solution to source new customers and win their loyalty, and thus expand your business and boost your turnover.

An email campaign has to be thought out beforehand to avoid typical pitfalls. Your email marketing agency ensures to build a targeted list of willing contacts. We analyze your targets and their expectations to send them messages that are likely to be effective and prompt clicks, but also and above all to invite them to take the action you’re expecting from them (fill out a form, buy a product, subscribe to a service, etc.).

A high-performance email marketing strategy to boost conversion

From the email structure to the subject, the message, and the recipient, nothing must be overlooked to increase your website traffic, and above all, to reduce unsubscribe rates due to untargeted or bad quality emails.

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Advantages of an email marketing agency

There is no doubt an email campaign will contribute to expanding your business, providing it’s managed by experts. You will source new customers and make every effort to win their loyalty in order to boost your turnover significantly.

Win customer loyalty

Generating leads is not enough to ensure business success. OTO goes much further by setting up for you an email campaign that is efficient enough to incite your target to get back to you. We design the content that perfectly matches your clients’ expectations by providing them with an offer that meets their needs.

Re-engage inactive customers

An email campaign also enables you to re-engage inactive customers. It’s even possible to set up a trigger in your system to send an automated email at a given moment. Your customers have not placed an order in a year? Send them a promotional offer to win them back. Each situation calls for a message that is appropriate and, above all, personalized.

Generate qualified leads

Your email marketing agency sets up a 100 % custom fit strategy for you to launch targeted email campaigns. We rely on dependable data and a list of willing contacts to make sure that only the users who are interested in your goods and services will be contacted, so as to boost your click-through and conversion rates and reduce your unsubscribe rate.

Showcase your offer

You have just launched a new product or service? You wish to feature promotional offers? Email marketing is the perfect solution! Your database gives you an opportunity to reach people who are interested in your goods and services, so you must naturally target them first when sending your communications in order to boost your sales.

Highlight your expertise

Your web agency undertakes to assist you in highlighting your expertise. Email marketing is not only meant to be business-oriented, it enables you to establish your reputation and provide your target with practical and truly useful information. Become an expert in your field to make your company an invaluable partner.


OTO Technology relies on its experience and perfect knowledge of inbound marketing to assist you in designing email campaigns which will remodel your communication and boost performances.

#1 – Send the right message to the right person
#2Reach targeted and willing users
#3360° solutions to persuade, follow up, and win loyalty
#4 – A return on investment that meets your requirements


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