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Now that we’ve entered the full digital age, some businesses still think it’s possible to do without a digital agency in Paris to set up a digital strategy, but that’s a mistake. The French are more and more connected. Are you ready to take the chance to ignore that factor as you build up your marketing strategy? We don’t think so. That’s why we offer you to implement a truly relevant digital strategy with you.

Digital strategy: the goals

But what’s a relevant strategy. According to Paris-based digital agency OTO Technology, it’s a solution that bears your likeness and adapts to your target. The idea is not to digitize for the sake of digitization, but to build up and establish your reputation on the Web by using the best channels we can offer you. The idea is not necessarily to be everywhere. You need to be where your prospects are.

A 360° strategy to persuade your target

There are plenty of communication tools, from websites to blogs, social media, emailing, link building, and applications, Our job is to study your needs and get to know your target to design a digital strategy that will help you increase your visibility, win Web user trust and loyalty, and change.

The role of your digital agency is to assist you in designing a comprehensive approach by asking ourselves the right questions. What’s your target audience? What are their interests? How do they behave online? What are your goals? What’s your budget? Only by answering these questions will we be able to build up a custom fit digital strategy.

Because your organization is unique, our duty is to provide you with a personalized answer. You need to stand out and become a major player in your business sector. By hiring a digital agency, you opt for marketing and digital solution experts who are capable of adding value to your company, creating a real brand image for you, and helping you be easily recognized thanks to your design or your speech.

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Advantages of a digital strategy agency

Building up a strategy can only be beneficial. We use the best solutions to define an action plan that will boost your business. We are not content with making your business durable, we intend to revolutionize it!

Manage your costs

Budget is a critical point for all businesses. We strive to develop relevant solutions that take this aspect into account. What’s more, by outsourcing your digital strategy, you cut your costs internally.

Gain flexibility

Outsourcing your marketing solutions to a digital agency in Paris offers more flexibility. We stand with you at all times, our responsiveness will be your best ally on the road to success.

Gain market shares

A successful digital strategy helps businesses establish themselves and gain visibility. We design a relevant message that speaks to your target audience, earns their trust, and convinces them that they should head for you.

Reassure your target

Only by delivering a specialist message will you earn customer and prospect trust. You must reassure them and get them to understand that they’re making the right choice through clear, informative, sales-oriented visuals and messages.

Win your customer loyalty

Generating leads is not enough. Your Paris-based digital agency makes sure that all of your customers are loyal to guarantee your business durability. Learn how to follow up with your customers and address the right messages to the right people.

Fully tailored digital strategy

At OTO, we don’t care for standard. We truly believe you deserve better than that to add value to your visual identity. That’s why we offer to entirely personalize your digital strategy (website design, design, communication on social media, etc.) to help you stand out and become a leader in your business sector.

Data analytics

Finally, no digital strategy can be successful without data analytics. Web user and customer behaviors must be carefully examined to identify areas of improvement at all times. By using the right tools to get extensive reports and by performing A/B testing to issue the right information, we offer you a comprehensive solution.


No matter what your business industry, your structure, or your target are, we design a digital strategy that will expand your activity. Such a comprehensive support requires:

#1 – To be attentive to your needs and to analyze them
#2 – To study your target to offer you a custom-fit solution
#3 – To design a 360° digital strategy to meet your goals
#4 – To design a solution that helps you acquire traffic and win customer loyalty


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