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A/B testing, also known as bucket testing, is a process which helps compare the efficiency of two solutions. Nowadays, the main challenge of all businesses is to optimize costs as they develop their digital strategies. A/B testing allows them to perform tests on a sample of prospects in order to study their behaviors.

Why perform A/B testing?

With A/B testing you really know where you are going when you launch a project. You are planning to create a landing page with a call-to-action to sell a product or service, or to collect data? Test it on a sample of your target by designing not one but two pages. Thanks to Google Analytics and many other testing tools, you will be able to view the click rate before opting for the more powerful version of the two.

A/B testing: Test your digital strategy

A/B testing may apply to different pages on your website. For example, let’s take a product page. Such a key page must be tested in order to offer visitors the best version and reach your ultimate goal which is to optimize the conversion rate.


Your A/B testing agency can adapt this offer to your email marketing campaigns. A poorly managed strategy is extremely costly. Before sending your campaign to thousands of prospects, run a test on a sample to determine which version will help you achieve the best click or conversion rates, and which one will lead to the highest unsubscribe rates.

This test allows you to optimize and better understand the expectations of your visitors in order to improve the quality of your traffic. We have all the tools and data that are required to conduct an in-depth study of your Web pages and other emailings.

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Your A/B testing agency is your best ally when it comes to boosting your performances and saving money. You would be well advised to perform real-life tests to send the right message and increase your conversion rate.

Increased conversion rate

If you are facing low conversation rates, A/B testing will help you improve your strategy to determine the key actions to be taken and achieve your expected results.

The result advanced analysis

With the help of high-performance analytics tools, our A/B testing agency studies your traffic and visitor behaviors to find out what the stumbling blocks are and thus optimize your strategy.

A targeted marketing strategy

With A/B testing, you know for sure that you will send your visitors the message they expect. One, two, or even three versions can be developed to make sure the message is powerful enough and your target takes the action you expect from them.

Improved user experience

UX is the key to success. When you launch a digital strategy, you have to ensure that everything is as seamless as possible, and that the information expected by readers is given to them swiftly. By testing different versions, you will understand which one gave them the best user experience.

Make real savings on your marketing actions

Don’t wait for months before realizing that your landing page is not converting. Leave nothing to chance and hire the services of an A/B testing specialist to immediately determine what the optimal version is. This strategy is a real investment that will help you save money and significantly boost your turnover.


OTO Technology assists you in designing your digital strategy with a high-performance A/B testing solution which they have been mastering for years.

#1 – Multiple marketing strategies testing
#2 – High-performance tools to get impacting analytics
#3 – Identify the key actions of your digital strategy
#4 – Boost your performances and ROI


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