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IT Security Audit

IT security is a key feature for today’s companies. The slightest breach may lead to business interruption. The purpose of an IT security audit is to avoid that. It’s a preventive measure that cannot be overlooked.

Security audit challenges

SMBs as well as large companies own large stocks of IT equipment and thus are at risk of being attacked. In order to protect your customer data or simply maintain all of your company’s management files unharmed, you must prevent attacks at all costs. By going periodically online, you leave your door permanently open to hackers.

By performing a security audit, OTO Technology exposes the weak spots of your IT system, your applications, and your website. We follow several precise steps to protect your information systems from attacks.

Security audit: the OTO Technology process

First, we contact your CIO to check whether any action has ever been carried out. Then we perform a compliance audit.

It allows us to make sure your IS is in compliance with the current regulations. Then, we perform the IT security audit of your infrastructure in order to expose the possible breaches and thus entry points that hackers may use. That involves an inspection of your Wifi accesses, your antiviruses and firewalls, your messaging service, etc. If you have a website or a business app, we also perform a code review. This enables us to determine whether the source code may be modified and/or used by a hacker or not.

And finally, we provide you with an audit report informing you of the real security status of your IT system and your website. Based on that report, we consider what key actions must be taken to optimize and increase your security level.

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Advantages of an IT security audit

Nowadays, anything you do online leaves traces, hence the importance of making sure no one uses your data. It is critical to monitor your IT tools, so let’s take a look at the advantages offered by such solution.

Set up areas of improvement

The IT security audit is just a work base. Its aim is to help you work in a serene environment. Upon delivery of the audit report, we will recommend to you what solutions you should consider to prevent any future penetration. It’s critical to set up a real cybersecurity policy in the workplace to make sure hackers become a distant memory.

Raise your team awareness of security issues

OTO Technology provides comprehensive services. The cornerstones of our action are audit and support services. But our aim is to go even further. Each IT system user constitutes a threat to its security – an unperformed update, an e-mail that should not have been opened, passwords that have been kept for too long, they are all risk factors. We raise your team members’ awareness of good practices and help them secure your network.


With OTO Technology, an expert in security audit and penetration testing, you take preventive measures to protect your IS.

#1 – A comprehensive mapping of your IT equipment stock and your network
#2 – Advanced penetration tests to expose the vulnerability of your IS
#3 – We recommend solutions that are adapted to your computing environment


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