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IT Penetration Testing

IT penetration testing will help you assess the risk you’re running on a daily basis without even noticing it. You think your IT system is reliable and secured? As a pen test expert, OTO Technology takes action and tells you if that is really the case.

Penetration testing challenges

Just like the security audit, the pen test is a relevant solution to detect the weak spots in your network and your website. IT security is a critical aspect, though it’s still overlooked by businesses playing Russian roulette. That’s more often than not what the pen tests we run in data systems show.

Penetration testing: the OTO Technology process

IT penetration testing stages are straightforward. Unlike security audits, we don’t perform a system assessment, check if your network is in compliance with the regulations, etc. This time, we take immediate action.

We determine the test perimeter, with your CIO if need be. Then we run our comprehensive risk-assessment test which consists of both internal and external penetration testing. As a matter of fact, threats sometimes originate from the inside so you’re never too cautious.

We are able to perform two types of tests. The white box strategy involves IT system penetration with a maximum of required data. No information on your IS is provided with the black box strategy.

Through this test, we step into the hacker’s shoes. Along with the security audit, this is the only way to assess the security level of your network. If we penetrate it easily, the message is clear: you could be the target of malicious people any time.

A detailed report to pull optimization levers

At the end of the test, we write a report highlighting the risk severity level and probability, the possible consequences of a real penetration on your data and those of your customers, and more broadly on your business operations.

Finally, we offer you solutions to optimize your system security.

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Advantages of IT penetration testing

The pen test should be performed by all businesses. A lot of them would be surprised to discover how open their doors are to hackers. By doing so, they become aware of how low their security level usually is and what areas of improvement they should consider.

Find the best areas of optimization

Pen testing is a moment of truth for businesses. The success of our test unfortunately means that it is time to consider durable solutions in order to limit the risks of internal or external penetrations.

Understand your network weak spots

Facing a true to life situation is the best way to reveal your IT system vulnerabilities. When we perform security audits on businesses, our approach and the risks involved are perfectly understood. But pen testing carries very often more weight when they realize we have lifted all of their network security barriers.

Train your staff for security

The running of a pen test or a security audit is a unique opportunity to raise your staff members awareness. Since they don’t always realize that their behavior may weaken the system security, it is crucial to assist them to guarantee the data and information security of your company and your customers. All of the departments must be aware of the risks and the good practices to have.


As an expert in IT system security, OTO Technology undertakes to perform IT penetration testing at your side and warns you against the risks you take every day.

#1 – A comprehensive assistance including testing implementation and the setting up of durable, practical solutions
#2Risks of business interruption are mitigated
#3Raise your staff’s awareness of security issues


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