Smart Security

Management and performance through convergence

Digital transformation has significantly impacted business operations. As a result, the part played by Chief Information Officers (CIOs) is all the more crucial that they ensure that your IT equipment runs well and that your entire system is secure. With the boom of IT and, above all, teleworking and cloud-based technologies, threats are growing and getting more and more sophisticated.

That is the reason why we always start with an IT security audit of your organization in order to take stock of your installation and equipment. Then, throughout our partnership, we undertake to implement preventive measures which consist in raising your team members awareness of the good practices since the human factor is critical in security risk. We have also created an internal monitoring service of your infrastructure in order to be proactive and come up with real solutions.

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Apart from an IT security audit, we can also perform an IT penetration test to detect the weak spots in your network and/or Website. These are the two ways of assessing the security level of your infrastructure and thus knowing if your information system may be targeted by ill-intentioned people.

During that test, our expert steps into the cybercriminal’s shoes and attempts to penetrate your information system, using the same tools as the latter would.

At the end of the test, we make an assessment of the situation and offer you a comprehensive solution to mitigate risks:

Setting up better areas of optimization

Training session for your team members

Continuous monitoring to provide you with a proactive response