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Wireless Projecting Management

Wireless projecting management is an innovative technology that will make your presentations and conferences much more dynamic.  Remove cables and save time during your presentations.  With ClickShare, you no longer need to spend hours preparing for a meeting.  You have decided at the last minute to bring your team together for an urgent update on the situation?  Simply take your laptop with you and click the conferencing button to share your content on one or more screens.

Wireless projecting management for multiple purposes

ClickShare adapts to all environments and connects immediately to your screens, but also to your loudspeakers.  A simple and effective solution that brings even more efficiency.

Wireless projecting management fulfils different needs.  You can organize meetings, but also conferences with a hybrid solution that transforms a room into a collaborative room in no time.  But this innovative solution actually goes further.  It takes into account the evolution of companies and their constraints.  With ClickShare, you can also conduct remote meetings very simply.  Share your video and images instantly, even with colleagues on the other side of the world or working from home.

Boost your meetings and gain credibility

Rely on hybrid technology and enjoy a new experience that will give your meetings and conferences a new dimension.  With this technology, distance is no longer an obstacle to communication and collaborative work.

You also gain credibility.  When visiting a client, you can once again make a presentation wirelessly. Sit down, turn your laptop on, press a single button and share your screen with your audience.

Be more mobile with Clickshare.  With this wireless solution just download your presentation to a tablet and walk around the room for a more dynamic meeting or conference.

Illustration de la gestion de projection sans fil avec le click share

Advantages of Wireless Projecting Management

Make the most of a solution that adapts to all environments with a single connector. Connectivity is at the heart of modern business. With wireless technology, energize your meetings and simply share your creative content. Discover the benefits of a hybrid meeting and immersive conferencing experience on your computer or TV.

A secure solution

Ensure fully secured and distributed content with your device.  ClickShare provides a secure connection with an ISO 27001 IT-level solution managed on the cloud.

Intuitive Teamwork

You are free to hold your meetings wherever and whenever you want with little equipment.  Forget the projector and simply share information instantly.  Connect and work with your colleagues in person or remotely.

Advanced features

Have access to powerful and compatible features for your meetings and conferences:

  • Wireless projection,
  • Cross platform content sharing: PC/MAC IOS/Android,
  • Fluid instant switching,
  • Secure encrypted flow,
  • 30 m reach.

A solution that adapts to all your equipment

Wireless projecting management makes it easy to share your laptop screen without the need for a lot of cables.  The conferencing button is the only connection needed for your wireless presentation.  It adapts to all your equipment (microphone, camera, loudspeakers) and integrates easily with existing meeting room solutions.  The mirror function of your screen is compatible with Airplay, Miracast and Google Chromecast.  Since ClickShare is compatible with Android it will allow you to share all your screens (laptop, tablet, smartphone) via an application.


With OTO Technology, it is now time to revolutionize the way you see meetings.

#1 – Install an intuitive solution
#2 – Save time and increase efficiency
#3 – Gain credibility with partners
#4 – Get a fully secure wireless projecting solution


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