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VoIP Solution

The VoIP solution, or Voice over Internet Protocol is an efficient alternative to the traditional PSTN. It involves the digitization of analog voice signals.

VOIP: communicate without the use of a telephone

With the VoIP, calls are no longer placed through traditional channels but via the Internet. Even better, this solution enables you to communicate without any telephone. This is precisely the VoIP solution that is used to make voice or video calls in France and all over the world thanks to tools like Zoom, Teams, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Efficient and low-priced communication

This is truly a revolution in terms of mobility, flexibility, and cost. Video helps staff members who live all over the country to get together. This solution is also designed for businesses that need to communicate abroad. With the VoIP, you will forget about overpriced international calls.

Thanks to the SIP protocol (session initiation protocol), we can adjust the offer according to your company’s specific needs. By setting up multiparty sessions, your interactive communication experience is increasingly enhanced.

Advantages of the VoIP solution

With the VoIP solution, you win on all fronts. Forget about RTC and switch to a more up-to-date telephony solution which is really designed for tomorrow’s businesses.

Better sound quality

With this solution, enhance the quality of your communications with your staff and external partners.

A single protocol for your whole network

Thanks to IP telephony, all of your company’s devices are connected on a single network and on the same protocol.

Call forwarding and transfers

You’re not in your office? You can forward a call to a landline or a cell phone. You’re not available? Transfer the call to one of your staff members. By doing so, your client’s questions won’t be unanswered.

Multiple calls on the same line

Thanks to the VoIP, you can place multiple calls simultaneously on a single line. This solution enables you to provide a company with several lines without having to add a physical line as required with the RTC model.

VoIP – an unexpensive solution

With the VoIP solution, you will save a lot of money. Internal calls are free, and so are international video calls with solutions like Skype, and the setup is quick and easy. And caller ID for inbound calls, call forwarding and transfer, and auto dialer services are not charged extra.

Enhanced mobility

Call forwarding and transfers make it easier for you to be mobile. You need to travel but you’re expecting an urgent call? Forward your calls to your cell phone. Your staff members work from all over France or the world? You can reach them any time at no additional charge thanks to the voice and video call services offered by apps such as WhatsApp.


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