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Why don’t you upgrade your meeting room management system? Nowadays, millions of meetings are scheduled every year. But is their management optimized? Nothing is less certain!

Meeting room management: the issues

By improving your meeting room management, you tackle different issues:
– you are looking for a room and are having a hard time finding one;
– you are interrupted in the middle of a meeting by a staff member who is looking for a room;
– all the rooms are booked but they are not all busy;
– the two of you have booked a room but you are unable to know who booked it first.

OTO Technology’s solution to improve your meeting room management

OTO Technology can help you avoid those time-wasting, unprofessional-looking situations when you hold meetings with clients and partners. We offer you to design a cutting-edge booking system which will never leave room for doubt anymore.

You get to know in real-time if a room is available without having to open every door. Everyone has access to the centralized booking schedule of your workspace.

The digital screen on the meeting room door allows you to see if it is busy. This meeting room solution also allows you to view what meetings are scheduled the same day and the days to come so that you can make a booking yourself. Other screens can be set up in the hallways of your company premises, in order to make, view, or manage your meeting room bookings through a standing display device or a large LCD screen mounted on a wall.

Illustration représentant un écran digital pour réserver une salle de réunion



  • Satisfaction booster: users can now focus on their work instead of looking for a meeting room.
  • Productivity booster: interrupted meetings are time-wasting and result to a loss of productivity. It is a fact that it takes about 20 minutes to refocus after an interruption.


  • Real-time information on the availability,
  • Easy, intuitive booking,
  • Wifi connection,
  • Possibility to order drinks,
  • Possibility to view up to 9 meeting rooms,
  • Possibility to book in 7 different ways (through the touch screen, through Microsoft Exchange and your Outlook calendar, a mobile app, Alexa, etc.).


  • Improved time management: 70 % of staff members spend an average of 15 minutes looking for a workspace whereas they could find one immediately.
  • Major cost cuts: In a company employing 100 people, it is estimated that looking for meeting rooms costs 300,000 dollars every year. Such an amount could be allotted to solutions that could expand your business.
  • 30 % of meetings are not actually held without anyone being aware of it, thus unnecessarily blocking access to the meeting rooms and preventing other staff members from using them.


Our conference or meeting room booking solution is revolutionary. It is easy and intuitive and helps you seamlessly improve your workspace management.

#1 – Real-time view of room availability
#2 – Easy, intuitive booking system
#3 – A timesaver for your staff members and improved credibility with your partners


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