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Connected digital paperboard

The connected paperboard will take your meetings and presentations to a new level. This innovative device has nothing but benefits. It’s not an empty promise and we’ll prove it!

Take your presentations to another dimension

With the connected paperboard, you’ll be able to give life to your presentations. Get rid of the flipchart and opt for the screen. Much to our satisfaction, screens have become part of our lives through computers, tablets, and smartphones. Why not do the same with the paperboard?

Thanks to your digital paperboard, your meetings will take a whole new dimension. You can write, draw diagrams, erase, rewrite, etc. You can even write over your diagrams, your images, etc. Just upload your documents and comment them with your audience.

You’re up for a brainstorming session with your staff? No need to flip tons of pages anymore. You’ll just have to scroll the screen to find everyone’s ideas.

Connected paperboard: go for interactivity

The connected digital paperboard is interactive and collaborative, you can share your notes in real time. Paperboard Smart Kapp, Samsung Flip, etc., various manufacturers have understood how crucial it is to provide businesses with smart, innovative, eco-friendly solutions. Remember that you’re not using any paper here, so everything can be digitally stored and deleted before the next meeting.

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Advantages of the connected digital paperboard

Eco-friendly solution

  • No use of paper
  • Fits perfectly into the CSR business model
  • No need to print your documents, they can all be saved as PDF at the end of the meeting.

Connected paperboard – multiple options

  • Wifi connection,
  • Share in real time,
  • Unlimited adjustments and corrections,
  • Project the content of your flash drive,
  • Project your laptop on the paperboard,
  • Cross-platform local network integration,
  • Smooth pen-to-paper like writing with the stylus or by hand on a touch screen.

Cutting-edge features

  • Multi-point writing: two persons can write simultaneously on the connected paperboard,
  • Flexibility: you can erase, go back, scroll up and down the document,
  • Use of landscape and portrait mode: you can adjust your digital paperboard to your projects, you can flip it according to your needs,
  • Write on a document: you can use your stylus to write comments on top of your projected PDF documents, images, etc.
  • Smooth ink: we offer you an e-ink-like technology and a paper-like writing visual impression… save the marker smell.
  • Secured usage: you can lock the connected digital paperboard, or even just one document as you would do with a Word document.


OTO Technology provides you with a connected solution that will revolutionize the way you see work meetings.

#1 – A more fun solution to draw your attendees’ attention
#2 – Make your meetings more interactive with a dynamic tool
#3 – A more eco-friendly and cost-effective process
#4 – A secure solution that fits your uses and tools


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