Smart Office

Visibility and gain in productivity for all

Going digital is a must for today’s professionals, however, the use of digital tools may be badly optimized or unfit for your situation. Reach out to OTO Technology experts so they can assist you in restructuring the use of your tools and teach you how to actually make the best use of them for your organization.

A good time-wasting example: team meeting scheduling which is often time-consuming and complicated. We offer you a meeting room management software to get better organized. This no-fuss, user-friendly booking system can adapt to all organizations, regardless of your team size. An easily accessible centralized booking schedule is combined to a digital screen mounted on the meeting room door. No need to open every door and no risks of double booking anymore.

We assist you in the equipment installation process but also in training your team members, which will indisputably enable you to save time and energy.

Videoconferencing has clearly become the general rule since the first lockdown, even though it was initiated some time before. Now, more often than not, we hold work meetings where team members are divided between those teleworking and those taking part in them in person. One of the key issues for our clients is teamwork during those hybrid meetings. Thanks to our team of experts, we can help you deal with that by offering you hardware and software solutions for your IT and digital transformation issues. For example, we can assist you in setting up a connected paperboard combined with a note-taking software in your meeting room. Share your needs with us and we will help you find the matching solution.