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Dynamic Display Solutions

What is dynamic display?

This innovative digital solution applies to many organizations. It enables you to advertize the relevant information that you will have previously selected, or even created and customized, on one or multiple screens.


Dynamic display is a simple concept: you benefit from an AI-embedded professional screen which is managed by a management server, allowing you to upload content such as movies, videos, ads, news channels, RSS, images, security information, etc.


As a manager in charge of a hospital, a service company, a business, a food truck, or a restaurant, you need to advertize information at specified times. Such a display helps you give life to your content and enhance its visibility. It improves and rejuvenate your communication in just one click. Leave your paper display behind and opt for a cutting-edge solution.


Pick the size of your interactive screen according to your environment and the content you wish to display. You can resort to zoning to display several information sources on the same screen. You can even use multiple screens in key locations and duplicate the content or set up a specific display according to your screen location.

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Advantages of dynamic display

Channel management

If you wish to broadcast news or weather channels or any other TV content, we can help you schedule your digital displays.

Cutting-edge features

  • Multi content advertising,
  • Easier update,
  • Enhanced visibility,
  • Added value to your company,
  • Streamlined internal communication.

Add value to your company

You create and advertize content in a jiffy to promote your goods, services, etc. You project a positive and innovative brand image of your organization and draw more attention from your target audience.

Programmatic marketing

Dynamic display enables you to have control over your content according to the scheduling, the day, the hour, or even to the second. By doing so, you choose when to advertise your content for the sole purpose of directing your customers and inciting them to purchase.

Create a display scenario

Regardless of your business industry, we help you create and advertize your display scenarios by broadcasting security information, restaurant menus, or promotional videos. Your interactive screen advertizes the content that suits you and fits all of your target audiences throughout the day.


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OTO Technology offers you a turnkey solution. This means your information will be displayed on your screen at your own pace. But that’s not all. If you wish so, we can assist you in creating your display scenario on your screen or screens. We adapt the solution to your needs thanks to a Web-connected dynamic display system, according to your place of operation. Contact us so we can help you define your specific needs and offer you the best solution to promote your company and juice up your communication.