Smart Energy

Energy IoT Management

Improve your energy consumption management thanks to IoT! For professionals as well as individuals, having control on their energy consumption is a major issue. In homes and businesses, energy consumption is often too high because it is simply not managed.

Nowadays, we have relevant solutions to cut your electric bill without impacting user comfort negatively either.

Take action for your budget and for the environment

Electric heaters, water, lighting: it is possible to optimize energy consumption in buildings. How? By managing energy through IoT. Your connected objects help you save energy by offering you an optimal management of your consumption. Thanks to various sensors, it is possible to collect data which will be centralized and analyzed.

Such an analysis will help you understand what areas of improvement to set up for your consumption in order to cut your costs significantly.

A customized energy IoT management solution at the service of your success

At OTO Technology, we don’t limit ourselves to setting up sensors. We provide you with a turnkey solution that will help you improve occupant comfort while saving energy. Whether you own a business or you are a real-estate developer, we will be able to find the appropriate solutions to make your premises more appealing, more cost-effective, and more eco-friendly.

Our electric power consumption is much too high compared to our real needs. Energy management with IoT gives proof of it every day.

A smart building management can be carried out through the use of renewable energies, but connected objects also take their rightful place in an ecology and economy-oriented strategy.

Such a technology must truly be viewed as an investment and not as a cost. Entrust your energy management to us and get a return on investment in just a few months.

Illustration représentant un thermomètre pour la gestion énergétique de batiment


By managing your energy through the Internet of Things (connected objects) you opt for a promising solution for the future. You have everything to gain by optimizing your consumption.


To improve your staff working conditions and attract new occupants in residential buildings, energy management is a must. Make your buildings more appealing thanks to connected objects.


By setting up different sensors, we run an in-depth analysis of your consumption to define what levers to activate. All of your energy data are centralized so as to help you take the right steps and implement the appropriate solutions.


Boost your image by presenting a building that is in compliance with environmental requirements. Thanks to an improved energy management, you reduce your carbon footprint. As far as residential buildings are concerned, it is definitely an asset to attract new buyers and win their loyalty.


Energy management through IoT is the solution to make substantial energy savings. Your initial investment is quickly made profitable thanks to the monitoring of all of your consumptions (gas, electricity, water) in real-time. In just a few months, you will see a significant difference on your energy bills.


OTO Technology assists you in setting up an IoT solution to manage your energy consumption efficiently.

#1 – Analyze your energy performances
#2 – Set up wireless and connected solutions
#3 – Optimize your consumption thanks to cutting-edge technologies
#4 – Make significant energy savings very quickly
#5 – Set up a solution to reduce your environmental impact


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