Smart Building

Your intelligent and controlled management

In architecture, technological innovations primarily consisted in searching for new materials or construction methods. Over the past few years, research has focused on digital technology, especially thanks to IoT. These new smart services adapt to any kind of architecture or buildings, whether they are residential buildings, offices, or industrial sites. These IoT-based services will enable you to improve the management and security of your infrastructure while saving a lot of money.

We at OTO Technology assist you with your building innovation project. We are attentive to your issues and find the most suitable technological solutions.

The IoT (Internet of Things) consists of all of these new Internet connected objects which are more and more pervading in our lives.

When those connected objects are put at the service of new uses in our buildings, then they are referred to as smart buildings. They help you manage your water and electricity consumption, the lighting… Thanks to various sensors you will be able to collect useful data to better manage your uses.

We at OTO Technology don’t limit ourselves to setting up those sensors, we provide you with a turnkey solution and custom-fit support so you can take advantage of those data to improve occupant comfort in your buildings. Learn more about our Smart Buildings solutions.