We at OTO Technology are willing to offer technologies that meet the needs of today’s professionals. As you don’t have high-tech experts at hand in your organization, we offer you to become your partner.

At the start of each project, by combining attentiveness and empathy, and by tackling the full scope of topics, we ensure that you get more than just counseling and premium achievement. We promise both a relationship and clear answers that entirely fit in your realities. How? By developing a full-scale strategic vision and by taking advantage of our cross-disciplinary knowledge of our clients’ prerogatives. That is what we recommend to better address today’s urgencies and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

Regardless of whether you are one of our IT clients or not, you can request our assistance on cybersecurity issues. Since Covid-19 crisis, our concern for the digital risks we may suffer has grown. It is now obvious that we need to anticipate and build-up IT ecosystems that are both durable and secure.

In order to analyze the risks that your Website may suffer or perform an external penetration test, OTO Technology can become your partner and warn you against the real risks. We can also assist you in setting up appropriate tools and protocols.