A methodological know-how and a philosophy.

We are at our best when confronted
to urgency and complexity.

We shed a new light on the very idea of service in the IT industry.

For us, each customer is a unique meeting opportunity which motivates us and makes us grow.

We work with humans and for humans as partners
more than as service providers.

OTO Technology

Our year 2020

We have been in motion since our debut in 2011. Our driving force? Our human-oriented approach and our will to thoroughly grasp our customers’ realities.
Our course? Putting IT and digital at the service of their strategies.

IT consulting, infrastructure, services, application engineering, digital…
On these fields, we combine technology and creativity.

We are architects. We are practical and ambitious, and we constantly go back
and forth between our vision and the hard facts. To make our customers’ lives easier, we zoom out in order to better focus on things. We broaden the scope of what is given to us to estimate what is really important… and think through
our tailor-made solutions!

For us, each assignment is a unique meeting opportunity which motivates us
and makes us grow.
We view ourselves as partners more than as service providers,
and we believe in the combination of empathy and listening qualities.

We bet on collective intelligence and knowledge hybridization. We advocate interaction to serve our high standards and reliability-oriented culture.
We offer our customers an opportunity to focus on the basics – their core business.

OTO’s year
of establishment
in 2019
to customers

We are mobilized to puzzle out your issues, your constraints, or more simply your realities. Thanks to our systemic approach in tackling every issue, we can guarantee a service that is beyond premium.

We are heading towards a cross-functional control over our customers’ technology issues.

For we believe having a cross-functional assessment of what is really taking place is the key to success!

our values

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Collective intelligence

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Our team

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